Monday, December 06, 2004

A Quiet Weekend

Not much happening. We went to see the Incredibles on Saturday. Came home to watch our Alma Mater, UNH, lose big time to Montana. Like Army, UNH was only able to play one quarter of good football. Next year, boys. That was their first road game loss all season.

I did get all the house decorated and the boxes put away last week. So downstairs is looking pretty good. Upstairs, who cares? We may be eaten in our sleep by giant dust bunnies. If they can get organized...

I got simple directions from a friend on how to make a quick, quirky scarf with Lion Brand Fun Fur. Of course, these are knitting directions. As I started I knew this would not be quick for me. So out came the crochet hooks. After a little experimenting, I found something that worked for me. Didn't take long at all, but I think I need a second skein - actually need like half a skein - to get the length I want. To think I'm seeing these things for sale for $20!

Off to find a place online to purchase holders for photos negatives...I've got 20 years worth that need sorting.

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