Monday, August 29, 2005

Freecycle is my friend

Since moving in, I've recycled a portable basketball hoop, oak chairs, a wine rack, and packing boxes and paper.

Yesterday we unpacked the nearly all the boxes left in the house, so I've still got a ton of boxes and paper to get rid of. But I do have someone coming today to get more. After this, I'm thinking that I'll just start taking them to the transfer station, as they are in the way of setting things up the way I want to.

Found more stuff to freecycle while unpacking. Plus I have several boxes of things that I'll take to the thrift shop rather than giving away. I love giving stuff away, but some of this can make me money...

Here's the link if you don't already know about it.
The Freecycle Network(tm) - Changing the world, one gift at a time.

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