Thursday, February 09, 2006

a finish

So it's beading, not stiching. What can I say?

I finished my Big City Lights bracelet on Tuesday. It's by Hurricane-Designs - Carol Cathey. Went on to do 2 Swarovski bracelet kits - need more practice with using headpins for the earrings. But did manage to do a bracelet that matches the beads that my sister had restrung for me that used to belong to my grandmother. That was a mouthful.

Off to do another charity/gift project. First one was my only stitching finish for this year so far. This one will be simple and fast as someone who volunteered to contribute, didn't. And won't answer e-mails from coordinator either. How absolutely rotten. Especially considering the circumstances. I can see backing out, but tell someone if you are suddenly overwhelmed and unable to participate.

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