Saturday, December 22, 2012

In the Vault I Go

Normally at this time of year we've been to the US Botanical Gardens to view the amazing displays. Due to scheduling this year, we're taking a pass. That and I've got an infected toe that's making walking less than pleasant. (Don't worry. Been to doctors - have antibiotics - and they have some serious warnings on the side that scare me. Am taking my probiotics hoping to ward off the dire predictions.) But the Botanical Gardens recreate D.C. landmarks with all natural materials. And they add to their display every years with trains and plants galore.

So much of my stitching right now, I can't show here. Thus I went diving back into photos from years gone by. I cherry picked a few that I like a lot.

I stitched this little beauty for my sister the year she turned fifty. She started a Red Hat chapter. Which unfortunately fell apart after a year or two. But I loved stitching with red and purple. It was a Just Nan. I think I gave this pattern away. And I had no desire to stitch one for myself two years ago.

Here's another piece in my sister's possession. It's the Pine Tree Cottage by Elizabeth's Needlework Designs. I stitched this for my sister's 25th anniversary. This year they are at year 38. Sometimes I'm still amazed she hasn't done him in. LOL (Just to be clear here - this is a joke.) 


Speaking of diving into the past - this is a Goode Huswife, if my memory is correct. I think this had four different shades of white or near white. It is sitting in my unframed, but finished drawer. Maybe this year I'll delve into that drawer. Because I am still in love with this one.

And this time of year, nothing is more fun than watching our cat, Elvis.

Any day involving paper strewn across the floor is a bonanza for him! 
These photos are from 2005 as his parents don't put bows on his head, but his human siblings do! 

I'll be traveling soon and am unsure how much posting will be accomplished. Merry Christmas to all! 


Margaret said...

Love seeing your stitching from the past. And hey, Elvis could be Mia's brother! lol about the paper fest!

Nicola said...

Merry Christmas, have a wonderful time.