Monday, March 18, 2013

New Project

I've got a new project and this one is personally quite exciting to me. In fact, it had me dancing in my chair yesterday afternoon. 

 A week or so ago, I had one can of our dwindling supply of Moxie. Now if you aren't from New England, you have probably never run across this beverage. Or if you have encountered it after reaching adulthood, you probably thought it was disgusting. 

It doesn't taste like any other soda. And we buy a 12-pack or two every time we are home in New Hampshire. (Note: we don't drink soda my house. Except for the occasional Moxie.)

For those of us die-hard Moxie fans who grew up on the stuff, there is nothing else in the world like it. 

On a rainy afternoon:  tomato soup, grilled cheese, and Moxie equals nirvana. It's a cherished childhood memory of both me and my hubby. Our kids appreciate Moxie, which may mean that this obsession is heriditary. We have even been owned by a cat we named Moxie. 

While drinking that particular can, I suddenly had a thought about creating my own canvas. I left the can on counter and mulled my options for a few days. 

Then last week, while talking to DH as we sat in our respective comfy chairs in the living room, my eyes fell on the framed sheet music that his parents had given him.


Thus, I took the shee music and the can and created this:

Which I put on my lightbox and transferred to a piece of 18 ct mono canvas.

Yes. Somewhere along the way in this process I picked up some orange threads. And some navy blue to outline the letters. And I've got the white in my stash. 

A quick trip to Michaels during which I snagged some orange acrylic paint. DH wanted to know why I had to paint the canvas orange. That's because I'm going to be stitching there with orange threads and don't want any white showing through - in needlepoint parlance this is called dandruff. 

And thus we have one handpainted by me canvas. Which I can't start stitching on because wouldn't you know I don't have the correct size stretcher bars in my house. But I'll remedy that soon.

And a big P.S. Surgery won't be until April. So much for "urgent." But I will get to check out the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center that is a the combination of the old Walter Reed Hospital and the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda. How exciting. (Holding up a sign that says "sarcasm" now.)


Margaret said...

Very nice! You did a great job creating your own canvas! I've never had Moxie, I admit it. I grew up in Kansas and California. lol! Bummer about the surgery.....

Anne Stradal said...

Good for you, creating your own canvas! It wasn't that hard now, was it? Enjoy your stitching!

Anne Stradal said...

Good for you, creating your own canvas! Enjoy stitching!

BFromM said...

Moxie would occasionally appear in my husband's house, because his father liked it. Fortunately, my husband did not inherit a test for it.

RuthB said...

Well, I must say I've never encountered Moxie, but I do commend your creative enthusiasm.... and your sarcasm, come to that. ;-)