Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I'm Back!

I learned a few things in the past week. Number 1 is that I have lots and lots of wonderful friends. Number 2 is that percocet and I don't neccessarily get along - can you say hallucinations and out of body experiences??? It took care of the pain just fine. And let me sleep. Which was good. Number 3 is that it takes 48 hours for that stuff to completely clear my system. Number 4 is that I would make a horrible drug addict. Number 5 is that my mind is back and my husband is grateful to hear I won't be bursting into tears for no reason. 

I think that's enough personal stuff for one post, don't you? 

Um, I think I wrote a letter from the President for my EGA Chapter this weekend. Writing under the influence. Maybe I better go check that email??? 

 Here's how I know I'm back. I'm stitching again. Hallelujah!

 Here's my first baby project. I'll finish it as a flat ornament. I'm changing the white stripes to teal. I like it. 

 Went to Tuesday night stitching group and almost got the bottom on the right panel. Unfortunately lack of sleep the night before made me stop and go home. Where I fell asleep in my chair watching Chopped. Don't know who won. I hate that.
 How to do stash enhancement while recovery from surgery - order before you go. All thanks to Jane of Chilly Hollow. She posted a notice of an anniversary sale at Needle in a Haystack in Montrose CA. I checked it out and ordered these birds. Heavy on the penguins. But that's what my daughter-in-law loves. The three birds on a wire just cracked me up. Kind of looks like Angry Birds. So they arrived Friday just when I needed a pick me up.

While in the surgical waiting room, you know, just lying there hooked up to your IV waiting for your drugs and the whole experience to be over, I got left alone for bit. No source of entertainment. Kind of bored. But then I figured out what to do and started designing a needlepoint piece in my head. My terrific anesthesiologist came back and must of asked me what I was doing (staring at the ceiling like that) and I said needlepointing my head. And he said, WHAT? And I said, it's too hard to explain...LOL If nothing else I have a fabulous idea for a project. And I think I figured out how to put it all together as it will be 3-D. Not bad for twenty minutes. 


Margaret said...

What an experience. I don't like Percocet except for the pain relief. I'd be a bad drug addict too. lol! Good for you for using that 20 minutes in the surgery room well. Love how your Moxie is coming out. The stocking is darling. Love the new stash too.

Cactusneedle said...

I took Percocet once and it gave me a massive headache. So much for pain relief!

The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

Glad to help with the stash enhancement. Hope you are feeling much better, but remember to be careful lifting for a while. Let everyone wait on you. (I know it's odd but better to be Queen for a Week than hurt yourself.) I love those Birds on a Wire also. Have fun with them!

Anna van Schurman said...

When I had my bunion surgery, I can't remember what they gave me for pain, but they told me to eat when I took it. Every time I took it I threw up. Then I stopped eating before I took it. Duh. But still not much help with the pain. Thus, only one foot has been fixed.

Glad you are back among us. And be sure to reread that email! :)

jhm said...

Glad you are back.
Percoet is no fun - I slept for 20 or so hours and still was groggy. Now just relax and stitch!


Goldylox99 said...

I've never had Percocet, but I stand forewarned. So glad you're feeling better!

I love your planning ahead with stash enhancement and, of course, Jane's ever masterful support. ;-) They are darling, as is the baby ornament. I never would have thought of using teal!

I use down time (like going to sleep at night) to plan stitches and designs. I can't wait to see your 3-D design when it's done!