Thursday, September 26, 2013

All the Pertinent Stuff

First, the business. My phone has problems when I try to approve comments here on blogger. Gets stuck in some weird google accounts loop and I've had to unistall and reinstall blogger. But to have it continue to happen is a pain. So if you make a comment, but don't see it posted here right away, I've read it, but haven't been able to approve it. How stupid is this. 

Now on to the fun stuff. 

 This is Ghordian Knot, an ANG Group Correspondence Course. I may have tweaked the colors a bit. It needs to be completed by the end of November. Do I have a chance? Maybe. After I get that fourth quadrant in, it's all pulled work. You can see I started a little bit already. Because I'm tired of doing the same thing. 

Seriously, I love this design. I love these colors. I'm bored out of mind stitching on this. 


It's not the design. It's me. Maybe I need to put down the charted canvas for a while. 

If it wasn't a Group Course that I'm working on along with some friends, I'd probably have set this aside by now. I do intend to finish it. In fact, it may be the only thing I'm working on in November. LOL

 Another class piece. This one though is slightly different. I took an online class with Janet Perry on creating stitch guides. Somehow, some of us rolled that on into a class on painting your own canvas. We all started with the same line drawing of the girl and umbrella. And now we're starting to see the painted canvases. I used Copic markers on this instead of paint - a further expirement on my part. They work well, but you have to be careful as they do want to run across the canvas threads.

 I don't think I'll give up my paints for markers as on the advice of my boss I checked the colorfastness of the markers. I had a spare piece of canvas with a small square of each of the colors on it. With room temperature water, everything was fine. Then I tried saturing the canvas with hot water. This time one or more of the pinks gave off a tiny bit of color. In the world of needlepoint, this is bad. No steam blocking for this piece.

 Lest you think I'm all canvas and no linen, here's where I'm at on my Loudoun Sampler Guild Mystery piece. This is the 6th band on my piece. I'm not quite finished yet as I need to complete the satin stitching. And I decided to add my granddaughter's initials to this piece as this is the band I was working on the month she was born. 

 Finally we have my Fenway canvas. I said I wanted it by the end of the World Series. That deadline is fast approaching. I'm taking this piece with me to Seminar because I've got lots of boring sky to do that I only need half a brain engaged to stitch it. Seminar has a way of sapping your abilities by the end of the week. You pretty much have to alert and attentive all day in class and that exhausting.

That's pretty much where things stand right now. I'll be on my way to Kentucky next week. Driving with a friend. We're going to have so much fun!!!


Needle Nicely said...

When I'm working on something I'd rather not be, I try to make myself stitch a set amount of time each day--sometimes as little as 15minutes. It's surprising what you can accomplish in 15 minutes and sometimes you get involved and stitch 45 minutes "in the heat of the moment". After that set amount of time, I work on something I really enjoy stitching. It's that old reward system!

Bonnie said...

Lookout world! Lots of potential for fun (and trouble?) to be had in Louisville.

Faith... said...

Ghordian Knot is very pretty! Can't wait to see it finished.