Sunday, March 09, 2014


I feel like I've dropped off the edge of the blogging world. It's not my fault. The Feedly app and my phone don't get along and despite 3 updates in one week, I still can only read 3-4 feeds on my phone at a time. Then it just cycles through what I just read. Can't click links so I can't comment. And even the back button doesn't work. Frustrated. 

If I find the time while I'm working here on the computer today, I'll try googling my problem and see if anyone has any suggestions. I'm not holding my breath on feedback from Feedly. I've gone and given them one star on ratings. Maybe this time someone will notice. 

I returned from Florida just in time for another snowstorm. Snow day for me. DH worked from home. Spent some time shoveling free the cars. We can all agree from Georgia to Minnesota and Maine that this winter has gone on too long. 

For now I will just have to use my memory of warm sands and sunsets to cheer me up.

I did finish another piece one the plane ride home. And then one more right after that. One is off to the finishers. The other one is waiting for me to finish it. But I didn't take photos. And I take photos of everything. Don't know where my head is these days, but I fear it isn't attached properly. 

I have also been to Woodlawn and seen the Needlework Show. Had a lovely conversation with the woman who used to own Three Sisters in Woodbridge. I only got to that store once before it closed, but I felt like I was home. She's happily working on framing textiles at the JoAnn's in Woodbridge and if I didn't have a framer I like who is closer, I would certainly be driving down to see her. 

My comments on Woodlawn. I think they might wait until the end of the month when I do my volunteer time. Right now I've got some looming deadlines...

Which reminds me! I have not mentioned one word about my birthday present. I'm now the proud owner of 16" Big Sister loom from Mirrix. Finally warped it this week and my first bracelet is waiting to be cut off the warps. This is another thing that needs proper photos. Oh the tension. I'm in love with a loom. 



The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

A bead loom? Can't wait to see photos!

Anna van Schurman said...

I have the same problem with feedly. But it's irregular, some days I have no problems with it at all.