Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Purr, Purr

One day at work at the shop back in January, I had a really slow day. I mean really slow. I'd done everything I could do - backstocked, updated orders, cleaned. And then I did the one thing that can get dangerous in a needlepoint shop. 

I picked out a canvas and pulled threads. 

And it followed me home. After I paid for it, of course. 

I just kind of put this on the back burner and let my ideas for it simmer. 

 I have finally pulled it out of the pile o'stuff and started working on it. 

I've got a tiled shower wall made of Vineyard and Pepper Pot silk with water drops done in Water N Ice. 

I'm also changing up the color on the shower cap, 'cause it's pretty darn ugly as it is. 

This is a Patt and Lee design. It comes in multiple sizes and this one is 18 ct. 

Those simmering ideas have led me to paint out the white whiskers on the black. That was this morning. And I've been working on the face. Eyes are done. I really want to get the kitty body stitched because I've got a plan for the shower cap. And I don't even have to repaint it. 

If my kitty, Zoe, was ever going to be caught in the shower, she'd look exactly like this. LOL.

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