Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Today is all about packing. And unpacking. And repacking. Because I can't make up my mind what to bring on retreat. 

Tomorrow we leave for 5 days, 4 nights in the hills unbothered by modern electronics which gives us more time to stitch. This is a guild retreat and there are 19 of us going.

I made a list last week. I've crossed it out and started over a million times. Usually I don't have this much trouble. Maybe in the back of my mind I think I'm forgetting something? 

I now my packing is heavy on the canvas and light on linen projects. That's just where I am right now. I've got a couple of obligation pieces with deadlines for gift giving. I've got some fun stuff. I've got some serious stuff that requires concentration. Just trying to get the right balance. I'd bring it all, but that might require a moving truck!



BFromM said...

Maybe you and your fellow retreaters should rent a big U-Haul truck, and then you could all bring as many projects as you want!

Susan said...

I find the planning is at least half the fun. It's great to be able to play in the stash!

Ann said...

Oh, just take it all--some of it won't see the light of day, but the very thing you don't take is the very one you'll want when you get there.

And this is why I travel with multiple tote bags.