Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Long Time Gone

Apologies. I certainly didn't mean to not post for this long. I hope no one's been concerned. 

First, some baby pictures. Look who turned one year old! Gosh that was fast. 

She's adorable. And she knows it. 

Below are a few of our travel photos from the summer.

We visited Portland Head in July when I was feeling awful. I had a bout of food poisoning and it took me a month to recover. It's an iconic lighthouse - I've even stitched it. 
From the ocean to the mountains of West Virginia. Time to ride a train. 

Back to the ocean - almost. We took a lunch cruise in the Baltimore Harbor to see the Tall Ships and Blue Angels flying over Fort McHenry to commemorate the writing of the Star-Spangled Banner. 

Trust me. I've been stitching. Haven't been finishing much. But I've been very productive. Is this what happens when you've got too many projects going at once? Stitching update soon. And a delayed celebration coming too...

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