Friday, February 20, 2015

Don't Hate Me

Don't hate me because I'm in Hawaii.

It's gorgeous. The swimming at Waikiki is fabulous. The food is fantastic.

And it's not cold or snowing.

I may have added to the local economy. Stopped today at Fiddlesticks Too and then Needlepoint Etc. Lovely places with friendly people. Mahalo! 


The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

What did you buy and what did you eat? And are you going back to the shops again? (If so give Gussie at NP Etc. a hug from me and then look at the Georg James canvases.)

Ann said...

Don't hate you at all--but I am totally green with envy!

jhm said...

Just returned from a cruise so no reason to be angry - just wish the newest storm had hit while we were gone.


Karen said...

Looks sunny, warm and wonderful! I'm sure you're disappointed to miss the 3-4 inches of new snow we have here in Northern VA.

Dresdens said...

LOVE the last canvas you posted.

Ada said...

You should have temporarily changed your blog's name to "Needleworker IN Paradise!, LOL!