Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Due to some karmic good timing, my husband is out of town while I'm tackling two big projects.

One is some major charting for someone. I've been learning tons about my graphing programs. And finally have gotten to the point where I rarely consult the manuals. That's where I spent most of today emerging from the office at 4:15 just in time to shower before heading off to a dinner meeting for my EGA chapter.

Then I came home to tackle the physical job. We have a stash sale on Saturday at our meeting and I've been given the stash of a friend who was a major collector. It's been occupying a section of our office for a while so it's good to see it leaving. But this meant I had to haul it all up the stairs. I'm exhausted.

This brings up that issue that we talk about from time to time - what will become of our stuff when we are no longer here? And didn't I just buy a stack of needlework books at the used bookstore? Ha!

I've got enough projects to stitch for several lifetimes. But I can't resist buying more canvases at work.

I've even been contemplating swapping my studio for the larger guest room.

Hello. I'm a stasholic.

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The Chilly Hollow Needlepoint Adventure said...

How does a hoarder become a collector? Maybe by winnowing out the no longer admired? It's a puzzle for us all.