Sunday, September 27, 2015

ANG Seminar

On Friday my roommate and I arrived in South Carolina. First we stopped for some terrific BBQ in North Carolina. And a bit of shoe shopping in North Myrtle Beach. We were totally surprised to find a huge sale going on at the shoe store complete with a live band and people gathered outside in their lawn chairs enjoying the show. I did purchase exactly one pair of Alegria shoes, my first pair. I believe I will be buying more.

We easily found our hotel, checked in, dumped a huge amount of stuff in our room - I regret not taking a photo of the luggage trolley - and headed off to the registration desk. 

We got the lay of the land, found a few of our friends, and headed off to dinner. 

The next morning found food and left for our first class. 


This is Color Play, a Teaching Excellence Class, by Jennifer Riefenberg. I have to say I picked this class because it is a Teaching Excellence Class, not for the project. Here's the painted canvas we started with. Just five hexagons painted like color wheels. 

So here's my progress on the first day. OMG. I love what happens on this piece. Totally cool. And Jennifer is a terrific teacher which is good because I've got another class with her on Monday and Tuesday. 

This is my progress after two days. I got lazy today, the second day of class. I could be further along. Do you like the blackwork pattern background? I do. Except for the fact that it is stitched with DMC Jewel Effects. I had given away all the skeins of that particular thread because it's horrible to work with. I will persevere with this even though I will grumble. 

If you'd like to see more about Jennifer and her art, her website is the Art of Sunshine.  

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