Friday, February 03, 2017

Shop Girl Fun

Few things working in a needlepoint shop are more fun than helping someone pick out threads for a painted canvas.

Sometimes business is slow and you can devote all the time in the world. Other times you need to speed up the process.

I'm pretty confident of my color sense. Which helps when you're trying to do this quickly. But it's a real challenge when someone wants to perfectly match some colors. (Purples are notorious for not having enough to choose from especially if someone won't strand threads.)

You have to read your customer. Will they strand? Does it need to be flat, shiny, or fluffy? What are they willing to work with. Some people automatically reject certain threads they've had bad experiences with. I don't blame them. Tell me I need to use a rayon based thread and I have fits. But eventually I'll calm down and use it carefully.

So it's always good when new threads come in. This week I got to put up the new shades of Rainbow Gallery's Silk Lame. Pictured is the 18ct. But they also come in 13ct and Petite.

And here's the new colors of Glisten also from Rainbow Gallery, a merino wool with a shiny metallic. I'm looking forward to trying this. And I've got the perfect project to use it on.

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