Friday, October 12, 2018


I went off to Seminar thinking of beading which is weird as neither of my classes involved beads.

And we even stopped at a bead store, oops, two beads stores where I didn't buy beads.

I was even dreaming about beading 

So I bought two Fern Ridge scissor fob kits from ABC Stitch which ran the shop at Seminar.

I did the peyote part of Salty Halloween on Wednesday and the fringe today. I love a quick project that looks so great. Tremendous satisfaction to be had.

But apparently that isn't enough  Because I resurrected this canvas that I started last January. I went a bit astray on the right side of the moon. So today I ripped and began that section again. Funny, I never realized how crooked this canvas is until I was looking at the photo. Don't think I'll attempt to fix that. Lol.

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