Monday, February 14, 2005

bought w/birthday money

I purchased 2 new beading books with my birthday money. One, the Beader's Bible has over 300 patterns and thankfully is spiral bound. Now there's a publisher that was using brains!

After browsing through many beading books, I think I finally have the courage to remove my first beading project done on a loom. As it's just one of those cheap little wire looms that they market as a Native American beading loom (cost under $10), the directions were less than instructional. All my other beading books said to follow your looms instructions! Argh. But now I know the different way to finish off a loomed project, and will experiment later today.

The other book - whose name escapes me - has a plentitude of great projects including the directions for several variations on a bracelet pattern I was looking for.

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