Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Boy Child

Yesterday was 16th birthday for the younger at our house. That means it has been nearly 16 years since we left Germany to return to the states. Imagine if you will moving from one continent to another with a newborn and a nearly 2 year old sister. What were we thinking????

At our house we have a tradition: request a birthday meal and Mom will make it. This year he went easy on me. We owe him a dinner at the CIA, so he didn't get complicated in his request. We had Italian wedding soup and fancied up grilled cheese. Oh and a maple syrup cake.

As I'd never made a maple syrup cake before, I went internet hunting. Then decided just to modify a butter cake recipe. Recipe still needs some modification as the cake was a little bit heavy. But tasted fine - smelled like pancakes at my house while it was cooking. And the maple syrup frosting from the King Arthur Flour cookbook is excellent.

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