Monday, May 09, 2005

long weekend

So Friday evening while DH and I are at a social event, kids are down at boathouse supposedly loading crew shells on the trailer.

But basically the S#$* hits the fan. The trailer isn't there. The person from the school who should be bringing, won't. Someone threatens to cancel the team's transportation for the next day. The athletic director turns off his phone. I guess I'm glad I wasn't home and that children did not call me on cell.

Everything eventually gets done. And on Saturday the full loaded trailer shows up. The bus shows up. And off we go to the most dangerous crew meet I've ever seen. The traffic on the river is not being managed. There are cruise boats and fishing boats everywhere.

DD's 8 boat manages to win after they have to restart their race 3 times. These girls are so upset with how things are going at the start line, that they can't enjoy winning their first race!
Boats are crashing into each other. There isn't enough room. And this continues the entire day. Boats coming into contact within the first 200 meters and the race gets called back. It's a wonder no one got injured. Kids are coming off the water visibly upset. No one is happy.

It was exhausting.

I had originally planned on going to Cedar Grove, Thomas Cole's house on Sunday, but decided Saturday night that we were all too tired and deserved the opportunity to sleep in. I, of course, got woken up by the cat at 6:30 a.m. Twenty pounds of furry love will do that.

We went out yesterday with the intention of buying a new printer, getting lunch, and seeing "Kingdom of Heaven." Accomplished the 1st two. But this theater only had matinee prices for the first showing on weekends. And tickets for subsequent shows cost $9.75! Ouch. Came home and went to a free organ recital instead. Was wonderful.

But no stitching done. Did get my little package from Nordic Needle with my Waterlilies - Distant Hills - that I need for Catherine Agnes. And a new skein of Waterlilies - Grape - which is much better than my first one. First one is pale lavenders, not bright purple to almost red. Also got a Caron color card, and 2 old patterns that were on sale - a Colonial type Santa, and an older Just Nan pattern that I have the charms for.

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