Friday, June 10, 2005

Still Alive

Packers will be at our house June 20, 21, 22. Moving van arrives on the 23rd. DD will be graduating on June 24th. Kids and I will be leaving town on June 25th - after the all-night graduation bash... Leaving today for a bout of house hunting...

But I did find time yesterday to sort out some stitching projects. It's fun picking enough stuff to keep busy while not knowing how long you will actually be "homeless." I know I packed enough stuff to last for at least 6 months, when in truth it will probably be more like 6 weeks. I just want to be prepared! So I have a variety of large and small projects - everything from my UFO - Celtic Christmas - to a perforated paper ornament. I think I packed at least a dozen things into my two stitching bags.

Meanwhile the purging of the house hold goods continues. I made my last trip to Goodwill, though someone hasn't been through his clothes yet... I keep filling the recycle bin. And now need to start the pile for the stuff that doesn't go into the moving van. Could this be any less fun? Yes. It probably could be. Don't imagine either cat is going to be too thrilled either!

I will in all likelihood not be online at all the week of the 20th. But once I get to my in-laws house, I'll be back.

Cross your fingers for us on the house hunting!

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