Thursday, September 15, 2005


Good word choice. Now I'm hearing Bowling for Soup in my head...

I have almost gotten rid of all the empty boxes. Is it bad when you start making friends with the guy who works at the transfer station??? LOL I have 2 big boxes of folded paper and a short stack of flattened boxes left.

I do have a growing collection of things to freecycle or take to the thrift shop. With gas prices where they are, I need to find a local consignment store - otherwise it's 30 minutes to either military thrift shop. So far I've had great luck w/freecycle. Only one person didn't show. I've gotten rid of empty moving boxes, a portable basketball hoop, 3 oak chairs, a wine rack, 2 plate racks, and a folding banquet table. Off to post more now. Got some vintage 70s hanging lights, a box of boy's books, some craft stuff, another table. So far the only thing I can't seem to find takers for is my old blue recliner.

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