Monday, September 12, 2005


We are making progress on many fronts in the new house. Got new living room furniture, but not going to get rid of any of the old which makes for fun shifting things around. Hung a new light in dining - we are all much happier now. Original fixture was an ugly, ugle 70s chandelier. I couldn't stand it. Complained so much that DH replaced with an extra ceiling mount fixture we had. Of course, he couldn't stand that. We found a "cheap" version of what we wanted at Lowe's. A four arm stained glass chandelier that is rectangular not round and has a central downlight. Arts and Crafts looking. A huge improvement!

Picked out paint colors for bedroom. One wall blue, remainder a warm beige color, kind of like latte.

But I still haven't picked up a needle and thread. I'm getting much closer as I've spending time purusing my books. And I have an old Frank Lloyd Wright window pattern that DH would love me to do.

Today it's back to the paint cans as I need to finish living/dining room. Just me, some music (oh oh - bought the Patridge Family's greatest hits...), and lots of drop cloths.

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