Saturday, April 14, 2007


That's me. Determined. I want to start beading Poseidon next week. I've got a fish, a shell, and some seaweed to finish first. I'm more than willing to sit in my chair and do this today. If people will let me.

Tried to go shopping at yard sales this morning, but I guess the weather is preventing people from holding them. All I found were some cans of spray lacquer for 50 cents. What I really want is a new used dresser for DS's room. And if I happen to stumble across someone selling an old SLR camera, I'd buy that, too.

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Lee said...

"If people will let me..." Yup, that about says it! There are so many days I plan to spend the whole afternoon or evening in my chair, happily stitching away. And somehow it rarely happens! But we manage to get a few stitches in here and there, don't we?