Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Not a Great Opening Game

Red Sox ran into a hot Kansas City pitcher. Revenge comes on Wednesday and Thursday.

So yesterday I repainted what I had started to paint red in my kitchen with grey primer. And then painted over it with red. That first coat of red isn't much better than it was on the white wall. But the second coat is a definite improvement. It may take 3 coats to get it looking great.

But while I was in the midst of this project, DS calls me (it's spring break here.) He went off on a bike ride and hit a car. Kind of slid across the guy's hood. I'd say they were both to blame, but DS especially for being on the sidewalk, though I agree that riding on the road there would be a death wish. No win situation. He wasn't hurt. Might have sore shoulder this morning. And bike needs some adjusting as it doesn't really want to turn to the left. He was miffed because he didn't get in his long ride. Oh. They exchanged phone numbers, etc. But if he isn't going to call us asking to fix the scratch on his car, I'm not calling him. I think we may be able to mark this one down to lessons learned. LOOK OUT FOR CARS!

No stitching done yesterday. But wasn't that 80 degree weather grand.

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