Friday, December 03, 2010

Reader Mail

Today I'm vowing to be better about replying to comments. And will start with the last two.

Dear Calamity,

Yes. You are correct. I do plan on picking up one mess - the scrapbooking stuff - and then will create another mess. I'm a one mess at a time kind of gal. If I let it get too out of control with multiple messes, I will just shut the door and ignore the whole room!

Dear Mary,

About the haircut thing. I had the same problem. Husband in the Army and moved every two years. I eventually ignored the problem by not getting my haircut. LOL I suppose that created its own problems. 

Your suggestion about sucking it up and paying the extra $$ is worthy of consideration. But here's where my frugal New England roots get in the way. I made the mental calculation:

1) haircut every 6 weeks

2) means 8 visits a year

3) original cost $80 plus $20 tip

4) new cost $110 plus $20 tip

5) $30 times 8 equals $240 differnce

Somehow I can tolerate $800 a year, but $1040 is over my budget.
It just crosses that line for me. It's hard enough getting me to spend the $800 on my hair. 


CalamityJr said...

About closing that door - have you been peeking into my basement???!!

Anonymous said...

Looking at the total makes me go "Wow! That is a lot of money." But then I think about finding somebody new and it doesn't seem so expensive......Could you stretch the time between visits by a week or so? (Can you tell that I really, really hate having to find somebody new to cut my hair?)

Mary Eman