Thursday, December 23, 2010

Well, It's Thursday

It's Thursday and again I am finding it difficult to find time for posting. 

I did find a mirror, an ottoman in a lovely shade of green, and an alarm clock for my studio all at Target. The one thing I didn't find was a trash basket. It seems all the pretty containers have left the store to make way for the new year's big push towards organizing our lives. I think our Target has a million plastic bins in it waiting for some enterprising people to purchase them with good intentions. Seriously. There are pallets and pallets of Rubbermaid and Sterlite in one of the central aisles. I should go and take a photo. That's how many there are.

I did spend a few moments yesterday starting the organizing process with my threads. My closet looks much neater now. I haven't got the proper containers for my silks, though. Some more rumination on this issue is necessary. 

The real sad truth is that I haven't picked up a needle since Friday. That could be part of what is making me crazy. I don't want to stitch in my studio till I have some semblance of order. I'm just looking for good stitching karma. 

Got some other big tasks to accomplish. One more bought of organizing for the laundry/storage room as we've got a new washer and dryer arriving on Monday. Maybe I can finish that painting job behind the washer and dryer before the new ones arrive???

Got to run. Lots to do. And I am going to my Thursday morning group so I better put myself in overdrive.

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