Friday, October 11, 2013

At the Galt House

Every minute of the trip to the EGA National Seminar in Louisville has been a pleasure.

First - I have a terrific traveling companion and roommate. We've been taking care of each other and maximizing our experiences. We shopped our way here through West Virginia and Ohio. And we've got plans on continuing on our way home through Kentucky. Then there was Wednesday, our day off from classes, where we hit nearly a dozen different places. Our lunch that day was Comfy Cow ice cream as we'd had such a fabulous breakfast at Wild Eggs.

We are staying at the Galt House and the folks here are extremely helpful and friendly. I don't have a bad word to say except for the food at the opening banquet was subpar. We'll see how they do tonight.

I will gladly return here with a smile.


Sandy said...

Love Wild Egg, you are making so home sick...and if you were at comfy cow you must have been at the needlepoint shop :) If you like coffee - try Highland's on Bardstown, best chai tea ever :)

Love you pictures.

Bonnie said...

It was a great hotel. Agree with the banquet food.