Sunday, October 20, 2013

Say Yes

On the recommendation of Susan Elliott, she of the blog "Plays with Needles," I purchased a copy of a book called Improv Wisdom. These days I read nearly all my books on my Nook. I chose this book as one I have downloaded on my phone.

So here I am sitting in a crowded restaurant on my way back from a Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting reading this book. And the second chapter is about saying yes.

It seems to me this entire weekend was about saying yes. I didn't really want to run away for a stitchy weekend the week after Seminar. But I said yes because I had volunteered my Chapter to host this meeting next year. So yes, and yes.

Got to the hotel and said yes to an early dinner with a friend. Said yes to bingo when I truly felt like staying in my room stitching. Said yes to myself about walking even though I'm having an ankle tendinitis problem. Said yes to stump work. Yes to rayon threads, twice in one weekend. And yes to a volunteer job. Yes to a dinner companion who is now a new friend.

I don't think I said no the whole weekend except to desert!

All this before I read the book. Maybe I am an improviser by nature. I had fun. And expect to have more.


Momrocks said...

Do I see a new stitchie photo in your future? Dare you say, "Yes!"?

Angie said...

I too struggle to say no. I wonder what the book said? Did it suggest to always say yes?