Sunday, September 25, 2016

EGA Region Meeting

The Mid-Atlantic Region of the EGA had a meeting this weekend in Gettysburg, PA.

I don't normally attend these meetings, but we had a 2016 Seminar Committee meeting, too.

But this meant I got the chance to take three mini-classes yesterday. First up was a half tila herringbone bracelet with Marie Campbell. And I finished my beading yesterday and attached my clasps today. Quite pretty. Easy, too. If you're interested the bracelet is taught in Italian on YouTube.

Then we got to play with spider web stitch  with Judy Jeroy. She designed a fun little piece for us to play on. And then Tricia Johnson shared her silk paper technique with us. Lots of fun. Great weekend.

We'll finish up with a birth announcement for our new granddaughter who was born today in Italy. She looks beautiful. Can't wait to meet her.

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