Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Off to the Finisher

I have some projects to send off to the finisher. The first one has been completed for ages - I think I thought I'd finish it myself, but the time has come to be realistic. It's a Northern Pine Designs called Forever in Blue Jeans. It will become a small purse made with denim.
Next up is a Kathy Shenkel mini-sock for the next grandbaby. She's due any day now.
Then we have Mile High Princess' Nasal Congestion. I loved this the moment I saw it. Happy to finally have worked over the hump of compensating my background stitch. 


It's just a Byzantine variation, but it creates sort of a lacy background. The finisher will put shiny fabric behind this to highlight those openings. 

 The reindeer is done the same, but over 3 three threads, I think.
And finally - here's a photo of my Kai scissors. I love these. I have several pair. Yesterday I was cutting my mock turkey work on the giraffe and cut right into my finger. Lucky me, I didn't bleed on that white stocking. But these are seriously sharp scissors.

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