Saturday, May 12, 2018


Finished the stitching on this Succulent Strawberry months ago. This was a class I took with Barbara Jackson back in 2011.

Finally did the finishing yesterday. Put weightiin to attempt to make it stay on the side on I want  but it shifted and that's a fail. Typical of me. 

I couldn't find the bone ring I bought for the top of this, but I can always add it later. Started to stitch the veins on the wool leaves, but didn't like it and decided to go plain.

Also finished my mini sock. Forgot to take a photo before I left it for finishing  But we'll see it again in a few months. 


deb said...

What a beautiful piece - your stitching is flawless. I've never stitched a strawberry and wouldn't have thought to use a weight to have it sit the way I wanted - that's a great idea (perhaps a heavier weight would have made it work as you planned?).

Robin in Virginia said...

Your strawberry is very pretty. Enjoy your weekend!