Friday, September 12, 2003

After the Meetings

There is something about sitting at an EGA meeting with others who get as excited by fibers, fabrics, and such that just thrills me.

This is especially true because I chose the title Needleworker Not In Paradise because I've got no local needlework stores.

Being an Army wife I've had the pleasure of shopping some of the best needlework stores. In the past, when I was in need of inspiration, I would just go shopping. Browsing stacks of charts, admiring fabric, covetting silk floss, was all I needed to start my fingers flying on my own projects. Not having this option is painful.
Which makes those monthly EGA meetings even more important.
The talent and dedication of these stitchers is overwhelming.

This month we are working on a canvas scissors case. It's not a project I would have chosen to do on my own. But it's highly enjoyable to stretch and try new things. Now, a hardanger piece would really challenge me. There is something about cutting threads that always takes me out of my comfort zone.

Here's to finding inspiration. Whereever it may come. May it visit you often.

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