Thursday, September 25, 2003

Old Army slogan

Found a magnet for my darling. It says, "I've already been all that I can be." Now at first I just thought this was humorous. (And fortunately so did he.) But I've ruminating on this and realized that it can actually be insulting. To say that you've already hit the heights, and nothing will be greater - isn't that one of the defining moments of a mid-life crisis. After 18 years in the Army, we now are contemplating what to do once he retires.

It would be pretty funny if he ditched me for a young, blond bimbette and red sportscar...

Now that's far away from stitching topics. Been doing the hum-drum this morning. Dermatologist with my daughter, grocery shopping, laundry. It's time to leave to meet some neighbors for a morning get together.

Maybe I need to make a companion magnet. "Go away. Can't you see I'm an Army of one?"


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