Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Hey, I'm getting educated

Wow. Being new at this whole blogging enterprise, I've got quite a learning curve to cover. Notice that I have figured out how to add links, including a link to my e-mail. I will slowly be linking to other needleworkers' blogs. Freakin' cool.

I was going to take today to drive (remember I'm not in paradise...) to a LNS in Jersey. But I see they are closed on Wednesdays. Oh well. Next choice is an even longer drive into Connecticut. I've got quite a collection of unframed items that need attention, one of which is especially needed to complete a wall arrangement. (Finally painted that wall last week. Three walls painted in the living room, one to go...but I've got a 7' by 10' foot entertainment center on that wall and need assistance in the moving phase. So I'm not doing that today.)

Guess something is telling me to stay at home. And stitch.

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