Friday, December 30, 2005


spent yesterday shopping. Got to stand in line at LL Bean to exchange DH's pants. Expanding waistline, shortening legs??? Sounds like a strange video title.
Then ran around looking for things to improve our pool table experiences. Bought a much, much better troubleshooter stick. We do have some size issues in the pool room. Bought a new mahogany rack. And bought a brass bridge. Will continue to look for more bargains on cues.

Realized the first scarf I made last year with Fun Fur really needs to washed. I see the packaging says machine washable. But as I don't currently have a lingerie bag, I think I'll hand wash it.

Than today. Went to see DH's office. Very quiet. Few people around. Ah the cubicle life.

Continued on into DC and went to the National Geographic building to see the Napoleon exhibit in its final days.

This exhibit had some amazing textiles. Fabric samples. Uniforms. A piece of curtaining made specifically for Napoleon's coronation that was red velvet with gold. A beautiful embroidered piece of roses in a vase given to Josephine by the City of Lyon. This was silk threads. They didn't identify the material stitched on. It looked like paper, but I'm wondering now if it was parchment. Only because of the amount of stitching and the tiny, tiny holes without any tearing. A empire era bed - belonging to one of his brothers - with new bedding woven to the specs of the day. A very interesting orange color.

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