Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A Tip

Last year I crocheted 4 scarves out of Fun Fur. This year I decided to do one for my MIL - who doesn't want it as long and skinny as the ones I did previously. So I was expirementing. Then decided to do it differently and needed to pull out about 10 inches of crocheting. Wow. Those little fibers really like to hang on to each other. Finally decided to use my laying tool to unpick whenever the fibers were too wound together. Of course, this might work best with vareigated Fun Fur
'cause you can see the different colored little pieces that are wrapped too tight for you to just pull the yarn apart.

Fortunately I did get it unpicked and was able to reuse the entire skein. Now I have to go find where the other skein is...

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