Wednesday, May 03, 2006

one sick teenager

Son has caught a whopper of a cold. I am so far successfully fighting it off with zinc, vitamins, soup, and clean living. I kept him home yesterday as he was coughing to the point of retching. How pleasant, eh? Seemed a bit better this morning, and as it is testing time in high schools all across the country, he went to school.

DH is in Atlanta (which he might enjoy if he can forget the fact that everyone else went to Germany.) Can't have everything. I'm leaving on Friday a.m. to pick up DD from college. Year one nearly finished. That's pretty darn hard to believe, but when you start getting bills for next year - that would be reality smacking you upside the head.

I stopped planting and will wait till I return to finish. Don't want to leave new transplants in the care of DS and DH (who returns on Friday.) Last time, they nearly killed my Norfolk pine.

Picked up a UFO and a new project for travel. The UFO is the black cat french poster that was in Stitcher's World 4-5 years ago. All that black. It's about 50% finished. And picked out The Goode Huswife Black Forest piece which is stitched on black with silks. These will certainly be providing contrast to my pilot class.

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Ellen said...

If he's coughing that much, he should probably be seen by a doctor. There have been reports of teens getting whooping cough, despite being vaccinated.