Monday, May 01, 2006

pilot class

I had a choice between taking a crewel class in Pennsylvania or a stitch a pilot class over 4 weeks that is creating a Japanese inro type ornament on canvas. Chose the canvas class because the colors are gorgeous. I've been to this teacher's studio (way jealous here - not just a room, but a building) and she does some beautiful work.

Meanwhile I've been painting and planting and not stitching. DS decided he wanted the queen size futon in his room instead of his twin. Which means it's good that DH didn't let me ditch DD's headboard and footboard last fall. So while there was no bed in her room, I decided to paint. I just need to do the second coat on 3 walls. I forgot how tiring this can be.

And now that the weather has turned nice, I've been addressing my postage stamps size yards. (okay maybe they are baseball card sized)

I cut down a sycamore that I believed had chosen that spot for itself. Because who would plant a sycamore 10 feet from a house? Moved some hostas which seem to have no problem relocating. Planted a clemantis and a lilac. Then relocated the bird bath and when I started digging there found pea gravel and plastic barrier underneath a thin layer of dirt and mulch. Huh. That was fun. Guess I won't be planting a lot there, but I did put in some snapdragons for color. I still have a columbine and lamb's ear to plant, but the pea gravel kind of threw off my initial plan. I need to rethink things.

I've got a fuschia and geranium hanging out front. And only 2 of my 4 azaleas are blooming. What's up with that? Bought some zinnias and petunias for quick color, but totally need to redig these beds as it is all heavy Virginia clay. Yup. Looking forward to this. Just need to do it before it gets too hot.

Now my poor hands look abused. I'll just never get into gardening gloves. I like having my fingers in the dirt.

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