Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's So Wrong

It's so wrong to be wearing corduroy pants this time of year here in the Metro D.C. area. It has been a very strange spring. I am halfway between my winter wardrobe and my summer wardrobe. I've got my summer wardrobe in my drawers, but my winter stuff is still within reach rather than at the top my closet.

And in Stitching News:

I frogged my mistake, corrected it and moved on. And am closer to understanding the big draw of Quaker samplers. There is something completely relaxing about stitching these motifs. I've got other things I must do, but this is all I want to do.

Yesterday at EGA we had a class taught by Betsy Morgan. It's her Nantucket Morning Glory basket. It's the topper of a cute little basket done on 32ct over one. And last night as I was sitting outside Target waiting for DS to complete an interview I managed to start stitching this and got in an hour of work.

Oh yeah. I've got a new canvas work piece that I'm starting this weekend that a friend is teaching. LOL

And I purchased one of these: mighty brite lights
Now I need to make a little protective case for the magnifier.

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