Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Continuing Updates

I see no reason not to continue updating you on my New Mexico experiences. I'll continue with the fun I had before getting sick.

We stayed and played in Albuquerque along the historic Route 66. And we took the long way to Santa Fe along the Turquoise Trail. Stopped and saw some sights along the way. And our first stop in Santa Fe - Wal-Mart. Because I wanted to buy some tomato juice,chocolate, and nuts for snacking. And DH wanted a cable to connect his MP3 player to the car so we could listen to songs like Route 66 by Manhattan Transfer. LOL One thing I saw in that Wally World that I've never seen anywhere else - an end cap aisle display of 4 lb boxes of Sno Cap lard. That one stopped me in my tracks. Where I live I sometimes I have to hunt down the lard for making pie crusts. 

Our second stop in Santa Fe - the Museum of International Folk Art. Because Barbara Hutson of Queenstown Sampler Designs told me to go see the wall of samplers.

 The first thing we noticed right after handing over the money for our tickets was friends from North Carolina! We had a mini-reunion moment knowing we'd be seeing each other at Seminar.

We got lucky. There were two exhibits that had to do with textiles. These photos are from Life in the Andes. Weaving and embroidery and some other very cool things.

 I've got more photos from the Museum, but I'll save them for another day. 

The Buffalo Thunder Resort is a pretty impressive place. Lots of artwork just hanging around. When they told us to be prepared to walk, they weren't lying. It was a quarter mile from my room to my classrooms. For some people it was even further. 

On Sunday morning, I was good and got up and went to the gym to use the ellipitcal and treadmill. Even spent 10 minute soaking my feet in the hot tub. Ran back to my room to shower and grab my stuff for my first class.

And the first class was Ovals Rule! by Diane Clements. This is my first true reticello experience. The pre-work took a considerable amount of time for a such a small piece. I had the good fortune of sitting at a table with Lorie Whelker the outgoing EGA President. And she had brought some fantastic pieces of reticello with her. One piece in particular has given me some ideas. We'll see what happens. 

 Even though the piece doesn't look like much yet, I thoroughly enjoyed Diane's teaching. And her instructions for this piece are a book! Seriously. Great photographs of her step-by-step procedures. I'm not in love with my first oval and plan on removing it and trying again. My tension was definitely too tight. But that's what classes are for. Learning and improving. 

For anyone interested in attending EGA National Seminar next year in Louisville, KY, early registration is open to EGA members until November 21st. They've extended the deadline to accommandate those people without power due to Hurricaine Sandy. For those who are not members but might be interested in attending, I will highlight registration again in February when it opens for everyone. To see the classes offered, go here:  EGA National Seminar 2013.

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