Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Stash Enhancement

I have finally satisfied my desire for stash enhancement. Last Saturday morning I announced my desire to support Small Business Saturday - which prompted my husband to ask me if that was a euphimism for needlework shopping. 

See how well he knows me? I managed to get myself to one needlepoint shop and a fabric store. And then my phone rang and instead of going to other needlepoint shop, I joined a friend on a trip to a quilt store and an Amish market. 

On Monday I managed to get back to the other needlepoint shop where I found this cute little owl canvas.  
Which kind of continues the theme of what I bought on Saturday - this snowy white owl.
But really what I came here today to talk about is this magazine - Sampler and Antique Needlework Quarterly.
When this magazine was first published I was a charter subscriber. This totally fed my sampler addiction. I had the first three years. And then one day, after they stopped publishing it and I had kind of let go of my stitching addiction, I gave away all three years. In my defense, I wasn't using them. And we were getting ready to move (again) and I was cleaning out. 

Well, you all know what happens when you do that. 

One day, they started publishing it again. And I had to have all the issues. So off to the internet I went where I spent some money recreating the collection I once had. A few of my early issues are the black and white photocopies that SANQ themselves sold. But I have them all. And I wouldn't part them now for a significant sum of money. 

The cover of this issue in particular made me happy. I love these little purses. This one is by Kimberly Servello who is also the designer of the Peas and Pomegrant purse that I have half-completed. Kimberly is a charming teacher and a font of information on Elizabethan/Jacobean needlework. She's got a blog with some beautiful things here:  Baroque Embellishments.

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Nicola said...

I love SANQ but am missing few issues here and there. Hop fully one day I will fimd them on ebay.