Thursday, November 08, 2012

Yes. I Am Alive

On Friday, October 26th, my sweetie and I left flew to Albuquerque where I was prepared to have a tremendous time documenting our trip to the southwest and my time at EGA National Seminar.

Well. So much for plans. 

First off - my phone and resort's WiFi did not get along well. I figured I could survive that. 

But then I was hit was something far worse than bad connections. I found myself feeling worse and worse. Fever chills. UTI, kidney infection. I missed the class I wanted to take the most. A shot in the tuckus and a prescription for Cipro made it so I was able to fly home. 

Arrived back in Virginia November 3rd. Been vegetating ever since. Really, really tired. Not interested in eating. Sleeping all hours of the day. 

I do have updates. Photos. Experiences to share! It's just going to take some time to get it all out of my unfocused mind. 

The first thing we did Saturday morning after breakfast at Roper's was go up the Sandia Tram. 

 It was beautiful, but a tad chilly and windy. The views are spectacular.
 And in the gift shop we picked up a traveling companion. This is Francis. Or Francisco, if you prefer.


Needle Nicely said...

It sounds horrible--nothing is worse than being sick away from home. It's even more so when it interferes with doing things you have looked forward to. I hope being home will help you rally and feel better.

Carol said...

Donna, Hope you are feeling better soon. Looking forward to hearing about the EGA seminar. Bye for now, Carol

Pam in IL said...

Sorry to hear you got sick on your trip. Hope you are feeling better now! [[[HUGS]]]