Saturday, February 16, 2013


I thought I'd post a couple of answers to questions this morning.

I was asked if I had links to facebook groups about needlework. My advice is to log onto your facebook account and use search. Type in things like embroidery, needlepoint, or needlework. You'll find many groups. I just lurk at first to see if it's a good fit for my interests.

I was also asked if I would post my colorway for my Kimono. Short answer - no. If you were in the Shining Needle Kimono class, it's available there. 

But I will say how it was created. The teacher, John Waddell, instructed us to pick three overdyed threads that played well together and then pick colors from those. 
So I have an overdyed silk in greens, one in blues, and one that's purple to blue. Everything else on my piece is Anchor floss or Kreinik braid. 

This is a great method for choosing colors especially if choosing your own colors makes you nervous. Just pick an overdye that you like and pull the colors from it. Someone else has already found colors that work together.


barbi said...

Donna~~ Thanks for your tip on how you chose your colors for this particular Kimono. That's actually how I choose my colors for my personal projects and for writing stitch guides for my painted canvas company. I'm sure once I find the time for this Kimono, I'll be able to come up with a colorway similar to your lovely piece. Thanks again for sharing it's progress. Barbi

Nicola said...

One day Donna I am going to stitch my Kimono, yours is looking amazing. Your colours are scrumptious.