Friday, February 08, 2013

If You Like Temari

I have no idea how many of you are on facebook. But if you are, you might want to check out some of the facebook stitching type groups. I have three in particular that I check in on every day. One is needlepoint, one is samplers, and the other is surface embroidery of a historic bent. 

The reasons I check in every day several times a day is the photos. Lots and lots of beautiful photos. I already know from blogging that I'm not alone in chosing to spend my time with a needle in my hand. But these facebook groups confirm that there are thousands of us who love to stitch in one form or another. 

More and more shops and designers are also finding their way to facebook. I've liked shops all over the country. You never know where I might go next... And the designers like to show off bits and pieces of new things and ideas. Did I mention the photos? Lots of photos. 

This is something I found yesterday on one of the groups. It's information about Japanese thimbles made of fabric, paper and silk threads. Gorgeous little things. The original link led me here to Embroidery for Ducks:   Japanese thimbles

Her post led me here to the Ma Mercerie blog with instructions: Instructions  Scroll down and click on the different links. There are instructions for how to make the rings first. And then how to do the designs. Like these.

Photo from Ma Mercerie. 

Then go back and look at Embroidery for Ducks today. She's just finished a bellpull that she plans on entering in Woodlawn. 

Which reminds me. This weekend is the deadline for entering Woodlawn in person. Hie thee off to the plantation with your best beauties and your application and check. It's the 50th Needlework Show. It's promising to be fantastic.


Mollymaja said...

Really fancy these japanese thimbles!
They are so gorgeous and the little pincushion top on one of them is so lovely!
Thanks for the links, great fun!
Anette & Skruttan

jhm said...

Do you have a lonk for the needlepoint facebook site?