Thursday, February 14, 2013

Promises Promises

Promises = photos!

First, Happy Valentine's Day. This is a non-holiday at my house as it falls right between my birthday and my son's birthday. And speaking of my favorite little scamp, there is a facebook page for his training company at Fort Benning. Occasionally we get to spot him in a photo. As my daughter says, it's like playing Where's Waldo. Spot the guy in the uniform wearing the BCD glasses. (BCD = birth control devices because they are that unattractive.)

 That's him on the left. My daughter-in-law and I are happy to see these photos. For those that haven't been through this, the only means of communication is by letter. Can't wait to find out what was harder - having to give up his I-phone or his several cigarettes a day. The Army no longer has a smoke 'em if you've got 'em policy. Which makes me very happy. 

Now back to regular programming. 

Back in January when I went to Camp Wannastitch at Ocean City, I worked on two things. One of the them was my long-neglected Kimono. While there I finished 7 sections which means I'm done through the month of May.

 Here's a close-up. 
 I love this so much you would think that I would never put it down. But I do.
 My goal (look, Anna, I am stating a goal - a very rare thing for me) is to finish this by the end of next November. Which would be a year behind the original class schedule. I so rarely pay attention to deadlines. Why start now?

 While on this wonderful weekend I managed to pick up a little tiny bit of stash. 
The raven canvas just makes me giggle. It's like a warning to avoid those hangover days. And the zebra? I have some plans for him. I bought these at Sea Needles in Rehobeth Beach. Nice little shop full of many things. 

These Halloween canvases jumped into my arms at B's Stitches in St. Michael. They were in the bargain bin. And I have this thing about rescuing canvas. I really like that goofy cat. 

Now go on about your day. Enjoy some chocolate. Maybe some champagne. Indulge in some stitching time. Buy yourself some flowers. I'm going to. 


Anna van Schurman said...

I love the kimono too and am happy that I'll be seeing more of it this year. If not, I'll clamor!

Pam in IL said...

How wonderful to get a glimpse of your son!


barbi said...

Donna~~ I am so enjoying watching your progress on your Kimono!!! I've had that huge stitch guide forever but you're an inspiration. Would you mind posting your thread list???? Maybe all it took for me was great color choices!!!Thanks so much!Barbi