Thursday, August 08, 2013

Bayeux Tapestry Replica

I saved this link a few months back. Let's see if it works. 

Bayeux Tapestry replica

I've got a soft spot for Bayeux Tapestry which isn't a tapestry, but is an embroidery. It's a miracle that this piece survives. I nearly saw it in person once. I was so close. But I dislocated my knee on a Normandy beach and my husband got to see it while I got whacked out on painkillers in our hotel room. Le sigh.

Hey, you can also look here for a painted replica:  Bayeux Tapestry painting in Georgia.



Kielrain said...

Awesome. I love the Bayeux Tapestry.

RuthB said...

Totally cool. thanks for sharing/ I'm sorry you missed your visit to the tapestry -- maybe soon you'll get another chance :)

RuthB said...

No way! You work in a needlepoint store too? :) Small world. I just volunteer -- usually one day a week -- and I'm in charge of annoying customers and remembering things from the annual show. Interesting job description, I know.