Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Planet Earth

I cannot resist kitting up a project even when I have no idea when I'll be able to start stitching. Right now I'm working feverishly to finish my Garden Path beaded heart for tomorrow's Guild meeting. And in heavy rotation I have my Fenway Canvas, my LSG Mystery Sampler, and my Ghordian Knot correspondence course. Those three all have real or imagined deadlines. I did a lot of basketweave sky last night, but of course in reality it's not that much. I think that's slightly depressing. But with luck, I'll meet my World Series deadline on that one. (Notice I did not specify beginning or ending of the Series.)

I didn't realize the white balance is so far off in the photo until I got it on the computer. It's a Cooper Oaks Warren Kimble seasonal panel. With a lot of Planet Earth Silks and just a touch of Brown Paper Packages Stardust for the snow on the trees. I probably won't get around to starting this until December, but I can look forward to it.

Then there's this online class I'm taking where I get to pick everything. It's not a big project and I just needed to go all Lilly Pulitzer on it. 

This has been my preferred color palette for the past three years. I don't know why. But it just makes me happy. And you have to love the names of these threads. From top to bottom we have: Malibu, Aquarius, Girl Friend, Passion, Hearthrob, Shrub, and Fern. Interestly enough, in the store we saw some Hearthrob tags that had a space inserted so they read: Hearth Rob. Someone has a sense of humor? On their website, it's spelt Heartthrob. However you spell it, it's a beautiful non-stranded silk that's easy to work with. It's meant for 13-14 ct. canvas, but I've got a feeling I'm about to work with these on 18 ct. so I'll be doing the thing I usually have to stop myself from doing which is the tight tension thing. The whole piece is an experiment for me. I might need to add some dark silver metallic to this, too.

The big news is that if grandbaby doesn't decide to arrive on her own this week, she'll be making her debut next week. And that's where we stand in my little corner of the world today.


Anna van Schurman said...

Beautiful colors!

My verification is iBeded. "I beaded" --very apropos for your guild project!

Anne Stradal said...

Donna, when you get around to using "Stardust," I'd suggest switching to a #20 needle (or the size smaller than you'd normally use). I used this thread for the tutus on the Nutcracker Snowflakes and the larger needle creates less abrasion on the thread.

Donna said...

Anne, thanks for the advice. I will remember this.