Wednesday, August 07, 2013

It's All About Rewards Really

On Monday after I got home from work, I finished my blackwork acorn band on the Loudoun Sampler Guild mystery sampler. I made some changes, of course. I only did the middle part of the band. And I didn't do any queen stitches. It's all blackwork. After the a bit, I don't have to look at the pattern, I can just stitch this. Which I love. I'm really, really happy with my acorns. 

I'm so happy that I rewarded myself with a martini!

Which meant I was done stitching for Monday night!

To recap on the mystery sampler:  this is the 5th band I've stitched. I've got the 6th one started then we're supposed to be designing our signature band for the 7th. Wow. I've had some far-out ideas for that one. At one point, I went to sleep thinking about stitching a Led Zeppelin band...but I woke up the next morning thinking that wasn't such a great idea for this piece. I'm thinking a little bit more traditional. 

So I may not have a settled on anything by the time the 6th band is done and I guess I can skip it for a while because we've got a Quaker band coming up! Which will be fun, relaxing, and beautiful. 

Also the Guild does plan on making some type of book of patterns available for sale when we reach the end of this project. I'll definitely keep you posted on that info. 


RuthB said...

Ooo, looking lovely -- very lovely. Perhaps it was that divine martini that took you down the Zeplin path? :) Though I admit to being very envious of the martini.

Susan said...

The colors are looking great as is your stitching! I,m sure you enjoyed your reward!

Margaret said...

Please remember me when the book of this band sampler is produced. It is beautiful.