Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Again with the Rain

For the second week in a row, we're about to get a major rain event on top of the weekend's snow. Time for flooding. Makes me glad that this house does not have a basement.

Wrap, wrap, wrap. Cards, cards, cards. And certain people in my family keep giving me other tasks that need doing before Friday. I'm saving my baking for next week. I've already packed up a box of cookie cutters, spices, decorating tools, etc. to take to my in-laws house. Now if I could only find my Silpat. I don't understand how that thing could have vanished. It was in the pantry when I did a major reorginization last month. In theory, it should be with baking tools, but it's not.

And now for a little rant about this country's largest retailers one-hour photo developing. HOW ABOUT HIRING SOME MORE HELP? Or informing people who are dropping stuff off that there's no way it'll even be done today, much less done in an hour???? Evil. I need those photos to finish a birthday gift. Argh.

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