Monday, December 08, 2003

Bring It On

Christmas tree is now decorated. It'll take me maybe an hour to finish the rest of the house. But I definitely overworked my knee yesterday. I'm okay sitting, standing, and walking, but the stairs are a painful obstacle to overcome.

Shopping is 75% finished. Cards are a to-do task. Looking forward to going home and not having anything to do. Except my MIL is going to stressing about this surprise party she's throwing. Just need to not allow myself to get caught up in the stress part.

Lynn Skinner was musing on procrastinating finished. Yup. That's me. She's not alone on this one. I've got 3 ornaments now that just need finishing. All the stitching is done. And the number of projects in my finished box may outweigh the number of WIPs that I have.

My sis has a theory about her and me having ADD. She thinks that's part of our problem with ending things. We just get sidetracked into something new. I'll have to think about this some more.

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